Bootstrap 5 New Website
Bootstrap 5 New Webpage

Website new look and feel

Bootstrap update their website with clean UI and color. Bootstrap includes quick installation process on the home page including npm installation, BootstrapCDN Links, Bootstrap Icons, there Official bootstrap based Themes.

bootstrap 5 new logo
Bootstrap 5 New Logo

New Logo

Bootstrap also update the logo with new colors and include brackets shape in a brand new logo.

Bootstrap 5 Remove jQuery and switched to Vanilla JavaScript
jQuery to Vanilla JavaScript

Remove jQuery to Pure/Vanilla JavaScript

Bootstrap enhances their JavaScript code to support all browsers and front-end tools, so now bootstrap not depending on jQuery.

CSS Custom Properties, Updated forms

Bootstrap added new custom CSS properties including brand new CSS built-in variables, new color palettes, Utilize Sass, new form controls including checkbox, radio, switch.

Bootstrap 5 new customize section
Bootstrap 5 new customize section

Improved help document

Bootstrap updates their help document with a new customize section.

Bootstrap 5 new utilities API
Bootstrap 5 new utilities API

Utilities API

Bootstrap implement new utility API which helps web developers create CSS libraries and toolkit.

Bootstrap 5 New Enhanced Grid System
Bootstrap 5 New Enhanced Grid System

Enhanced grid system

  • added a new grid tier! "XXL"
  • ".gutter" classes replaced with .g* utilities, much like our margin/padding utilities.
  • The form layout has been replaced with the new grid system.
  • New vertical spacing classes added.
  • Columns are no longer position: relative by default.

What Expectations in a stable release?

  • Offcanvas menu
  • Improve CSS custom properties
  • Embedding SVGs